Berg's Words

Long-Hidden Hells

Software and the people that make it

A beacon light
A young man’s glory
To stand up true for another
Yet each to live his own story

To give all for an idea
So convinced that it would
Lift up all humankind
If only all understood

With man next to man
Neither above nor below
Each to shape his own world
Free to fail, free to grow

This freedom for sure
Faced each with disaster
But reward each would reap
Others’ desire named paymaster

And so, the boy thought,
The seeds of progress sown
Enlightenment ever after
But one way had we grown

To the boy these old giants
Needed reverence and praise
For their task demanded courage
So life is easy these days

Sadly he watched this treasure
Slowly dismantled and lost
At the whim of its owners
To avoid today’s slight cost

These cowardly animals
Knew no higher reason
Gave consent to the takers
To plunder and treason

The words most dangerous to man
So simply pass through their lips
Now “something must be done!”
“So it will” the taker quips

The experiment over
The ratchet now reversed
Each now marches in chains
When freedom through veins once coursed

We created an army
And set them to chase their prey
Each misguidedly thought
Was not me but only “they”

“They” grew ever more scary
And we more rich and fat
All desire we lost
To be disturbed by all that

So short the leash of freedom
That we’ve left for ourselves
Its first tug on our neck
Uncovers long-hidden hells